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High-quality screen protector with anti-shatter, anti-scratch and anti-glare effect for iPhone screen. The hardness of the sticker is 8h - 9h, 20 times stronger than ordinary stickers, resistant to scratches with all other types of objects: rubbing, poking, knives, keys. The transparent tempered glass film is extremely bright and does not lose image quality. Display images with high definition up to 100% compared to the original display image Minimize screen breakage iPhone, iPad : 9h hardness tempered laminated film resists scratches with all kinds of objects Maybe, if iPhone, iPad is dropped or dropped by heavy object, the tempered glass sticker will break into small pieces and have no sharpness.. fully bear the impact force thus minimizing the risk of iPhone, iPad screen . Specifications of tempered glass products for iPad, iPhone Protective glass has up to 6 layers of protection Thickness only 0.4mm transparent 100% Hardness and impact resistance up to 8H - 9H with force 12KG/cm Transparency up to 100% Ease of use