Bluetooth Anker Powerconf Speaker


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Bluetooth Anker Powerconf A3301 Speaker

-360-degree coverage – 6 microphones capture clear audio even in large meeting rooms
-Noise and echo cancellation – Custom DSP algorithm filters out ambient noise
-Balanced Sound – Even when sitting far away, the speaker automatically adjusts the volume for clear voice
-Compatible with well – Connect via bluetooth or USB-C . port

Anker Powerconf A3301 Bluetooth Speaker with 360 Degree Coverage with High Compatibility


The Anker Powerconf A3301 Bluetooth Speaker is a compact conference speaker with high compatibility with many devices, delivering a professional, efficient conference with virtually no audio latency and the ability to more focused sound reception.

360 degree coverage with 6 microphones and more focus with DSP algorithm noise cancellation

Anker Powerconf A3301 Bluetooth speaker is equipped with 6 microphones for 360-degree coverage, effectively supporting remote conference meetings with many participants..


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