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Development history

Phone accessories are simply understood as the products that are included with the phone, which have basic supporting effects such as charging the battery, listening to music, etc. But nowadays, when smartphones become popular so popular, almost everyone owns at least one for themselves, along with that, the demand for phone accessories has also increased a lot.

Counting back about 10-20 years ago, when it comes to accessories, we can only think of headphones and battery chargers. But set in the current era, phone accessories has been upgraded to a new “level”: variety, improvement and much more beautiful design.


Each accessory has its own function. Depending on the needs of the user will decide whether the phone accessories is important to their “mobile phone” or not. The effects of accessories are usually divided into 3 types:

  • Protecting the phone: including external protective products such as cases, fans, bags, leather cases, ..
  • Phone support: the product has a complementary effect for applications and phone operations such as headsets, battery chargers, photography lenses, bluetooth speakers, phone stands,…
  • beautify the phone: has the effect of ensuring the aesthetics of the phone, such as cases, bags, straps, …


Nowadays, phone accessories are widely sold everywhere, including:

  • Phone, stationery, shopping mall, supermarket,
  • E-commerce exchanges like Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, Tiki,…
  • Besides, there is also a section of individuals and collectives that import goods from many places to sell online through social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Zalo,…